"Sometimes the smallest thing can change everything".

In January 2020, LEGO launched a set of the legendary Audi quattro S1. That car had some incredible drivers, but none was more influential to the history of rallies than Michèle Mouton, the only woman to win a race in a World Rally Championship and runner-up in 1982. Nevertheless, the set only came with a male a driver.
To fix that oversight, on International Women's Day we created the Michèle Mouton LEGO minifigure and gave it to everyone who bought the car.

On March 8th, the LEGO Audi quattro became the best-selling LEGO set on Amazon Spain (defeating Friends, Harry Potter, Avengers and Star Wars) and it was sold out.
It has been awarded gold for digital & mobile at El Sol Festival and silver for idea at the Spanish National Creativity Awards (CdeC).
The Michèle Mouton minifigure has become quite an item in the Legosphere since its launch and now is being sold for up to 900 € each.

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