"Media is like time: bend it all you want but be careful not to break it, Marty".

Back in 2011, Mark Zuckerberg announced the creation of the Facebook Timeline. That meant that all the content uploaded to Facebook would be arranged in a chronological order from the beginning of times to 2011, which was the present in those days. Everyone's lives started looking less chaotic and more organised.
Unless you were these guys:
So we created the Back to the Future Timeline, a Facebook experiment to see how Zemeckis' trilogy would look like in Zuckerberg's newest format.
We told the whole story, not in the order you saw in the movies, but in the chronological order (if it makes any sense). That meant that Marty's mum could be, at the same time, thin, drunk and, in Marty's words, big.
Every detail was there, even if it was just hinted or extemely subtle, like the death of George McFly or the change of the mall's name from Twin Pine Mall to Single Pine Mall.
Unfortunately, when Facebook discontinued the timeline, the storytelling broke down. But the silver lining is it did work until 2015 so we were able to show Marty kicking Biff's grandson's ass on the hoverboard.

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