"Ten years later people still use the catch phrase and that makes Riquelme happy".

Román Riquelme is considered to be one of the best Argentinian players of all time. But in spite of that, the press seemed to be obsessed with the fact the he always had a sad face. When he lose and when he won. So we invented a promotion for Pepsi and Lay's that could even make Riquelme happy.
It sounds simplistic, I know, but people went crazy. "Riquelme is happy" became one of the country's favorite catch phrases. In fact, "We are happy like Riquelme" is what the President of Argentina and the Vice-Mayor of Buenos Aires said when they were elected for office. But that's not all. The most popular TV show in Argentina made an 8 minute sketch with a parody of the ad; Riquelme is Happy became the topic of thousands of memes, and it even went across the border.
And here are some news of the time...
Riquelme is happy and his video is causing a stir online

Riquelme is happy and his video is causing a stir online

Riquelme is happy (and so is Pepsi - Lays)

'Riquelme is happy', the ad that's making a splash on the internet arrives on TV today.

This is how the ad that the whole country is talking about was made

The ad became so popular, it even inspired one of the most popular songs of the last decade: Happy by Pharrell Williams.
Ok, this is not true, but the rest is. Happy?

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