The Flag
Season Tickets Holders campaign
Relegation is a tough blow to take for any football fan.

So, when Granada CF was sentenced to play in the second division for the 24/25 season, it was going to be impossible to reach the fans with rational arguments. It was necessary to connect with them through emotions. No exaggerations, rationalisations, or false promises. Just sincere and real emotions.

And for that, nothing better than a story .
But not just any story, but one that could touch the fans' pride. Because only a true Granadinista knows that when the rational side asks to take down the team's flag, the heart asks for something else.
The closing sentence adds an extra local touch to the content, as it derives from a famous poem about the city of Granada.
The feedback from the fans was very positive. Even on X, the comments were very aggressive towards the board of directors but very complimentary about the spot.
Except for this guy, who didn't think much of it.

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